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Second-Round Brand Identity Concepts

Which design will it be? We've explored new brand names and logos, have quickly come a long way, and have narrowed the focus to three finalists. 


Please note. We substituted a font on the logos; this improved its appearance. Your organization's benefits are difficult to describe in a few words as a tagline. Most taglines are treated in two ways; they are descriptive or aspirational. So the best approach is not to describe how you do things but to describe your benefit or the outcome. In addition, a primary color palette will be determined for your brand; a secondary (complimentary) promotional palette will be assigned to enhance your communications and promotional efforts.


We've included pages to review when making your brand ID choice. Click on the below images to enlarge and view them. You may also click the PDF icons to download the files to your devices.


  1. The first page compares our first-round designs with our recommended modifications, and they show each logo reversed and suggestions for combining locations with the logos.

  2. The second consists of three pages that summarize each identity design.

  • Brand logo & symbol

  • Brand tag & colors

  • Brand ID fonts

Click PDF icons to view and download

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First-round (History) Brand Identity Concepts Presented to Vogel Alcove


Positioning/Rationale Narrative


What's in a name? Why set out to boil an entire ocean? A common misconception is creating a name and brand ID that will connect with all that sees it; in reality, all concerns should be placed on what your audiences see, read, and understand as it relates to them. So, for example, it doesn't matter if a teen from Toronto understands your name or connects a mutual benefit. Instead, connecting with those who understand your value and drive revenue is what we need to motivate.


Our take on things. In our discussion, we've formed an opinion and evaluated the Vogel Alcove name as your company's brand identity. We respect the origin of your company name; your brand heritage should remain intact and celebrated. However, we must think logically and objectively about the positives and negatives of your current brand name and identity. 


Vogel Alcove's name is a combination of somewhat awkward and hard-to-pronounce. Most people do not understand that Vogel is the German word for bird. In addition, your current logo is graphically dated. Therefore, we spent time exploring new names and logos for consideration. Our idea is to create a name with a broader appeal that is current, likable, a better brandable persona, and with better curb appeal; a brand identity intended to create a stronger bond with your target audience.


Matching brand names with website domains. 

Please note that this presentation creatively explores brand names and logo identities. In today's world, the availability to link a prospective brand to website domains can take time and effort. Also, Single-word domains are sometimes rare or can be expensive to own. For this reason, many of our concepts consist of two-word names. We noted the availability of domain names; some are available, while others a considered premium domains or are owned by brokers, and a selling price would need to be negotiated.


If a new company name is adopted, we highly recommend proactively registering your ownership of the brand name, logo, and tagline with the US Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) By doing so, your trademarked brand assets will be legally owned and protected from others using them. In addition, we recommend creating communications to promote the transition of your current brand identity to your new one.


We've taken two approaches.

  • Approach one: We understand your brand's history is valuable; therefore, we created brand names and logos that maintain aspects of your current identity.

  • Approach Two: Taking a departure and changing your brand identity's direction can be beneficial. We will share new names and logo identities for you to consider. 


Brand differentiation is a game changer. In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, a brand's point of view must be distilled to the clearest message possible to gain the attention of its target market. Brands must stand out not only by being different but by being authentic. By individualizing yourself from the competition in a relevant way to your target customers, you can create advocates, establish credibility, and ultimately increase loyalty and market status.


Different is good. When evolving or creating a new brand, our brand identity philosophy is that you should differentiate yourself; with this said, the IDs we create are different by design from other brands offering similar services. If you don't take a departure from the other competitive "me too" brands, you will likely have difficulty capturing attention, cutting through the clutter, and gaining market share. Designing a brand that looks like the others and does not differentiate you is the most expensive investment you can invest.

Brand Ideation 01

Alcove Concepts copy-44.png

The BeThrive name and brand identity are fun, fresh, and lively. The name takes a positive approach and suggests focusing and taking ownership of life to reach a point where you will thrive. The brand colors are designed to be bold, combining black, white, and yellow-orange. The Be graphic can be used as an independent symbol in addition to positive words and be combined for promotional purposes. Examples include Be Proud, Focused, BePositive, Don’t Let It Be, etc.

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Brand Ideation 02

Alcove Concepts-17.png

Individual inspiration comes in many forms. How individuals find the strength to overcome obstacles sometimes depends on a person's focus and someone to lend a helping hand, be supportive, and give a little extra. This concept also includes Vogel Alcove founder Thelma Vogel to a new, updated brand.


The Vogal One name maintains your founder name yet evolves to represent a more current name and brand image. The" V" icon is a stylized representation of the Vogel, the gray is the head and beak, and the orange is the body and wings. Vogel One is a results-oriented solution destination to reconcile trauma, work hard, and get back on track. The tagline we chose aligns with this perspective “A Brighter Future.”

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Brand Ideation 03

Alcove Concepts copy-71.png

A tree requires sunlight, rain, and nutrients within the soil to become healthy and grow. It counts on nature as its support system to reach its full potential. As a tree matures, branches form and extend upward to the sun, its source of life. The branch's name and logo represent a conceptual view of our lives, growth, and well-being. A tree's branches grow in different directions, sometimes taking different paths. However, each path ultimately leads to a common of living a harmonious, balanced life.

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