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Branding approach

The term "brand" has become fluid in meaning and varies depending on the company. A corporate brand plays an integral part in the overall flow of your organization. A brand is not:
• Your Logo
• Your Tagline
• Your Product/Service
• Your Advertising
• Your Website
• Your Social Media
• Your Brochures
• Your People


These things can be expressions of your brand, but defining your corporate image begins with you. At S-Squared Creative, we define branding as a unique, memorable experience that uniquely represents the vision of who your organization is and wants to be.


We help you create a level of expectation with every engagement of your products and services while consistently delivering heightened levels of customer experience every time. Your brand happens with every phone call or encounter with your website. Allow us to work with your team to capture innovative ways to accomplish a brand's storytelling effectively.

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Your brand is your essence and what will be at the core of achieving your objectives. We take that seriously. When you entrust your brand, whether that is starting new or refreshing, we take the utmost care to ensure we deliver it back to you in a manner that will fulfill your objectives. We have a simple yet proven process for doing this.    

BRAND DISCOVERY – The first step when creating a brand involves getting to know your business, industry, competition, and target audience(s). This process involves meeting with your team, conducting some research, doing customer interviews, and drilling down to the core of how people perceive you now and how you want them to see you moving forward.

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BRAND STRATEGY – After discovery, we will develop a brand strategy unique to you. Then, we'll present what we feel is the promise you need to communicate and suggest tactics to express it throughout your business operations adequately.



IDENTITY PACKAGE – Once we've developed your brand strategy and you've approved this direction, we will interpret your brand characteristics more visually. This phase could include brand assets such as but not limited to logo/brand identity, tagline(s), fonts, color schemes, website, and collateral.


BRAND GUIDELINES – After you have approved and messaging and visual aspects of your brand, we'll create brand guidelines for you. Then, the handbook we deliver will guide how to express your brand adequately: where and how to use your logo, colors, and fonts, and, just as importantly, how NOT to use them to consistently communicate your brand to your target audience(s) and the general public.

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