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Although some naturally lean left or right, It became apparent that a partnership between Steve Utley and Dan Parlin needed to happen. The result? A merging of left and right brain thinking that truly optimizes communications. We are excited to announce the partnership between Steve Utley and Dan Parlin.

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We are highly adept left, and right-brain thinkers; our left-side instincts tell us to draw charts, look at numbers, and study analytics. Our right side focuses more on creative articulation, using abstract thought to create things never seen. Merging logical and abstract thinking is how our work gets you noticed, returns your investment, and makes you more profitable.




In early 2021 Dan and his firm were involved in the early-stage renewable energy companies, branding and marketing services for investor pitches and capital raising. Dan now sits at the forefront of the technology and renewable market, ready to brand or market any group effectively so our next generation can have a sustainable future.

As a creative-minded person, Dan thrives on logic and is naturally a left-brained thinker. Dan lives and breathes his craft; in countless situations, incorporating his digital-based strategies and communications has made a difference in his client's success. The combination of thoughtful, logical thinking consistently delivers.

BACKGROUND. Daniel was raised two hours outside Fort Worth, Texas, in Glen Rose, Texas. Dan was passionate about web design and content creation from an early age. After graduating high school, Dan moved to Dallas, Texas, to pursue his dream of becoming a website expert and marketing guru. 


EXPERIENCE. Dan worked for a well know dentist and successful businessman, Dr. Richard Malouf of All Smiles Dental clinics. Daniel was Dr. Malouf's eyes and ears as they opened the Super Star Smiles Clinic locations in Lubbock, Lewisville, and Bedford, Texas.


Realizing he had a knack for medical SEO and web design, Daniel landed a position with the up-and-coming agency Triforce Digital Marketing where he pursued multiple dentist offices locally and statewide to help with their online presence. After becoming a partner at Triforce, Dan left to open his business to pursue working with heavy industry clients in the energy sector, focusing heavily on oil & gas companies in the Permian Basin. These companies included chemical manufacturers, energy service groups, and technology-driven organizations.


  • Awarded and published over one hundred times for creativity and marketing excellence

  • Authored and published two historical fiction books and two screenplays.

  • Climbed Mount Everest, November - December 2012

  • Wrote lyrics and collaborated to produce two songs with multi-Gammy Award nominee Carlos "Six July" Broady and American Idol finalist, country artist Austin Michael

  • In addition, Steve served as a Dallas Regional Chamber Communications Steering Committee member.


EXPERIENCE. Steve has worked with diverse clientele, including American Airlines, Vizient/aptitude, EDS, Comcast, FedEx Office, Fujitsu Network Communications, IBM, Paymentech, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sabre, Texas Instruments, Verizon, and the City of Dallas, to name a few.

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If you could peer into Steve's mind, you would experience a world filled with concepts, colors, and imagery. Although he spent years expanding and refining his creative talents, he was born to think creatively. Steve believes a well-thought-out creative approach in itself is a strategy. However, creativity and accurate data must work together to create results.

BACKGROUND. Steve began his career as a fine artist. Then he expanded his talents into graphic design and broader-based forms of media, branding from start-ups to worldwide companies, leading branding efforts in the U.S. and International markets. Looking for more creative challenges, Steve took-up photography, and writing. He has written and published two books and screenplays.


After receiving his Degree in Commercial Arts and Advertising, Steve founded and served as president for twenty-one years of Quill Advertising, a Dallas-based integrated branding firm. More recently, he highlighted his talent and skill in graphic design and communications as head of creative and strategies, forming S-Squared Creative. Also based in Dallas, this innovative firm is the latest project in his career, spanning over 30 years, covering all aspects of business-to-business and consumer-based branding. Throughout Steve's career, he's had the opportunity to work domestically and internationally, marketing a broad mix of products and services within diverse industries, enabling him to employ a full range of strategies and tactics using all forms of printed and digital media.

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