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AI TECHNOLOGY – Brand Identity Creation Created for a Colombian-based AI technology firm, This work focuses on brand identity for a new corporate brand, company name, logos, and color scheme, used as a starting point to establish a broader and more in-depth brand. 

Technology is constantly evolving. The way people can access big data and use it to their advantage. Data Rexx is a new species of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that aids startups in finding active investors by providing valuable insights into where capital is deployed, allowing startups to target potential investors who may be interested in their business, thus increasing their chances of attracting funding to grow their businesses.

Put the power of DataRexx to work for you. You'll quickly understand that we are the evolution of data intelligence.

S2 is passionate about brand consistency – We are passionate about brand consistency at S-Squared Creative. We ensure that elements of our client's brands — such as logo, color, fonts, photos, layout structure, and writing style — do not vary widely across their brands and campaigns. We preach consistency, brand differentiation, recognition, repetition, and simplicity. In addition, we research aspects that psychologically affect people who experience your brand, such as colors, phrases, symbols, etc., that trigger desired emotions and motivate responses.  

Different is good – When creating a new brand, you must differentiate yourself. We designed each approach to appeal to business audiences. The IDs we created are different from other brands offering similar services. If you don't take a dramatic departure from the other competitive "me too" brands, you will likely have difficulty capturing attention, cutting through the clutter, and gaining market share. Designing a brand that looks like the others and does not differentiate you is the most expensive brand investment you can invest.

Brand Ideation

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