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Targeting Business-to-business – A printed direct mail campaign.
Kentland, Indiana-based Princeton Insurance asked us to create a direct mail campaign that would help get them market their insurance product to a highly targeted audience. We accepted the challenge and made it so by creating a nine-part campaign series called, Faces of Business, that used a combination of bold headlines and impactful high-contrast black and white photography.

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MORE ON S2 – S-Squared Creative is a Dallas-based branding and creative solutions firm, using its nearly 30-years of experience to create ideas to generate revenue for companies and individuals. S-Squared Creative understands the holistic relationships between solid planning, creativity, and the appropriate use of media. Our work is award-winning and has delivered many results for our clients. First and foremost, we are seriously dedicated to our craft. We are a creative firm that provides full-service branding capabilities in all forms of digital and printed media.


A MASTERFUL BLENDING OF CREATIVITY AND STRATEGIES – Think of your branding as part science and part art. The Science: strategies that have you in front of the right people at the right time. Art: Stellar creativity that captures audiences' attention, intrigues, and motivates them emotionally to take action. Just as Leonardo da Vinci aspired to create each of his works as a masterpiece, we've adopted his approach when creating branded communications, combining the appropriate levels of thought-provoking creativity backed by robust strategies. Put us to the test, and we will put forth a masterful effort and do our best to create a new renaissance. Let's talk.

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