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Concept Approach 01 – VOICE OF REASON
Welcome to the Voice Of Reason a campaign approach that incorporates bold colors, combined with visually stimulating pop art and engaging copy. This creative approach will surely attract the attention and interest of your target audience.

S2 will play on the emotions of status and ego, communicating that the attorney’s reading the digital ads should indeed have disability insurance coverage. The audience will relate both the images they see and dialogue as something vital that they may be lacking.

Additionally, we will include a call to action, to “Click now for great rates!” directing them to our landing page design specifically to be graphically consistent to the digital advertisements.

Communication Examples – Campaign logo and digital advertising

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Ad Media Examples – Ad displayed on mobile device and social media

Targeting Multi-Channel Digital Campaign
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New York Life asked us to create a targeted campaign to help them market and sell their disability insurance product to attorneys. We accepted the challenge and created a fun and visually striking campaign called, INSURE TO ENSURE.
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Creative Strategy and Psychology

Welcome to INSURE TO ENSURE, a campaign that introduces a dynamic superhero, IONIX MAN, and powered by New York Life. Our campaign delivered the sharp contrast of real-life human frailty to emphasize the need for disability insurance.

No one is Bulletproof, invincible, and should always expect and count on the unexpected. However, we have noticed that when we look back on our experience of working with attorneys, their profession affords social status. A career often experienced in an ivory tower tends to create a sense of being bulletproof.

The psychology behind "Insure to Ensure" served up in a sophisticated and tongue in cheek fashion that communicates regardless of your profession, you are just as vulnerable as any other. Hence the importance of the need for disability insurance coverage. We believe that the theme and energized content combined with the graphic look and feel and call to action are vital elements that captured the interest and motivated the audience to click and take action.

Communication Examples – Themed logo and digital advertising

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Communication Examples – Themed campaign landing page.

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