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International Dating Website – Brand Ideation – This presentation includes ideas, names, themes, colors, and visuals to view, consider, and discuss. These concepts begin establishing an approach that will drive future success.

Each of us as individuals has constant desires, wants, and needs. What drives a person individually uniquely differs from one person to the next; some desire money and power, while others choose love and security. Suppose we set aside a person’s unique individual desires and look at the collective aspirations that we all share. In that case, we realize that historically these desires are instinctually driven by the nature of evolution and our basic instinctual need to procreate as a species.


What happens when people combine instinctual desires with technology? The advances in technologies, the exponential growth, and the adoption of the Internet, mobile and desktop applications, combined with the ever-present instinctual attractions of the world’s population, have created a thriving business segment, the online dating industry. If you look at what it offers website users, online dating provides many benefits, convenience, efficiency, and broad selection. When related to this subject, online dating also links to the 7-driving forces behind human motivation: Self-actualization, Self-protection, Love and Belonging, Status/Esteem, Mate Acquisition, Mate Retention, and Physiological Needs.


Motivation is the ultimate force that causes a person to take action. Not only does it initiate and drive goal-oriented behavior, but it also sustains it. The effects can be as simple as eating healthy or as complex as winning a Nobel Prize; every action has a specific motivation. The driving forces behind human motivation can be biological, emotional, social, or personal.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is perhaps the most famous theory which explains motivational requirements at different levels. However, other methods speculate that motivation is caused due to internal instincts to quell inner tension, satisfy biological urges, or get incentivized.

When looking to make a connection, whether to sell a product or service or begin a personal relationship, you must have a few things working simultaneously to motivate and elicit the response and action you are seeking. When communicating with an individual (one-on-one), a small group, or a global audience, whatever you offer must be relevant, connect emotionally, and fulfill a wanted desire and essential need.

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Online Brand – The Into Love Dating brand will primarily consist of a membership-driven eCommerce storefront.

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Brand Identity Concepts

Ideation 01

Dating app concepts [Recovered] 02-29.png
Dating app concepts [Recovered] 02-29.png
Dating app concepts [Recovered] 02-29.png


IntoLoveDating or 



• International Dating

• We get it.


The IntoLoveDating brand name is created to link to the positive outcome of our brand promise. The communications for this approach will be used to promote sexual desire and chemistry, using photographs of beautiful women and masculine men. Women are naturally attracted to strong chins and physically fit bodies, to the physical manifestations of testosterone. Conversely, we know that men worldwide are attracted to youth signals in a female, smooth skin, lush hair, and generous lips. Male-driven communications will be more straightforward; some female communications will also include humorous concepts.


Copy (targeting female audiences)

Welcome to IntoLoveDating. We get it. We understand women, their desires, and their needs. It's without a doubt that physical attraction to the opposite sex is essential, but most women aren't only looking for a handsome face; you're searching for a remarkable man that is reliable, someone you can place your trust in, that's respectful and loving.


Membership has privileges. By becoming a valued member, you are automatically registered to win free trips for two, including other ongoing promotions and incentives, such as winning prizes for membership friend referrals and modeling contests.


Ours is a unique international dating website that only focuses on attracting single men searching for remarkable women. IntoLoveDating attracts male members from US cities with the highest concentration of single, eligible men with higher-than-average professions and incomes. Our approach is to introduce you to quality rather than quantity.


Take the next step. Getting started is easy, secure, and hassle-free, and it only takes a few minutes; sign up for your free membership today, create your profile, and get things started!

Male memberships – Outdoor advertising • US, English language (selected city markets).

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Female memberships Outdoor advertising: • Latin America: Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil • Central and Eastern Europe: Russia, Chechnya, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

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Ideation 02

2HeartsOne  The 2HeartsOne logo consists of two interlocking hearts representing two people connected. The logo and communications design incorporate a slightly muted red to promote brand consistency. Female and male outdoor advertising uses a grid design that combines a block of color, direct messages, and single images. Female and male communications will focus on a person wanting to connect with a desirable mate.


Female memberships – Outdoor advertising • Latin America: Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil • Central and Eastern Europe: Russia, Chechnya, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

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Dating app concepts [Recovered]-22.png
Dating app concepts [Recovered]-22.png
Dating app concepts [Recovered]-22.png
Dating app concepts [Recovered]-22.png

Male memberships  – Outdoor advertising • US, English language (selected city markets).

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