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Brand refresh Advertising Concepts

Advertising Campaign – Brand refresh leading with an ad campaign
Evolution does not have to be a slow process. In fact, aptitude chose to speed things up. Their mission: is to create a smarter and more efficient way for healthcare to do business by stripping away the layers of inefficiencies inherent in the traditional GPO supply chain model. aptitude delivers a seamless, transparent, secure and trusted path for providers and suppliers to work together. The old way drove a new, creating a faster and efficient way for people to do business.
Update brand messages and design of communication to reflect the changes and evolution of the healthcare supply chain industry. Our goals were to Redefine value messages, differentiate aptitude from the traditional big GPO model, Create a clear identity and Re-launch their refreshed brand into the marketplace.


Procurement, purchasing, and healthcare supply chain decision-makers use the traditional GPO model to purchase medical equipment and supplies for healthcare and hospital systems.

To gain a well-rounded understanding of the healthcare supply chain industry and our client's aptitude, we began our assignment by studying the current state of the healthcare supply chain industry. We then studied the competitive landscape and their competition. We also interviewed aptitude’s c-suite, executives, clients/customers, and business partners. This approach provided the basis to create current key messages that better represented the industry’s current issues, want and needs. Knowing that aptitude was no longer a startup and had earned a reputable name, we integrated all we learned into a series of advertisements to encapsulate and represent their revitalized brand.

Advertising Campaign – One



(Sample Copy)

A foundational platform to build your strategy around.

Now and then, it’s healthy to flip your perspective. Viewing something differently makes you more apt to recognize when an improvement is needed. We converted our perspective five years ago, determined to be the people to affect change and improve the healthcare supply chain industry. The Aptitude team aimed to re-engineer the old and complex GPO model. The result? A solution rebuilt from the ground up, streamlined to help you implement your strategy and align internally. A foundational approach is essential to your efforts. Aptitude drives to the core of your business, delivering a platform to build your plan around, unlocking your full potential. We are rapidly changing how the healthcare industry does business by bringing providers and suppliers together in mutually beneficial business partnerships to accelerate the supply chain process. See why our clients switched to the aptitude solution as their foundation for procurement.

Let’s talk about your measure of success. Aptitude. company


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Advertising Campaign – Two

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Advertising Campaign – Three

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