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Plano, Texas-based S-Squared Creative was hired to serve up a tasty brand identity for Three Rs Barbecue. 

Carrying forward a time-honored tradition, Three R's Barbecue is an authentic eating experience. Smoked "Low 'N' Slow" in Texas, straight from our smokers to you by Three R's Pitmaster, Richard Rosner. The Three R's Barbecue difference is in our house-made rubs, quality meats, cooked low and slow smoking over pecan and oak, making our smoked meats taste amazing. Our mission is simple; "Serve BBQ to die for."

Richard and Jennifer Rosner hired S-Squared Creative to create Three R's Barbeque's brand identity logo and website. Steve Utley, S-Squared Creative's head of creative and strategies, "What can be better than to have the opportunity to help carry forward the time-honored tradition of Texas BBQ, a great subject to work with creatively." 

Initial work for Thee R's BBQ includes the company's logo identity and website.


Three Rs Barbecue logo and website
The Three R's logo design incorporates a steer head with a crown within a banner giving it a traditional Texas flavor and using a bold color scheme of red, black, and white. 

Tripple R Barbecue Logo Concepts-35.jpg
Tripple R Barbecue Logo Concepts-20.jpg
Tripple R Barbecue Logo Concepts-33.jpg
Tripple R Barbecue Logo Concepts-34 (1)
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