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It's a mental attitude about critical thinking. It's about a mindset of looking at the world playfully and creatively. So, we move forward, opening doors, and allowing curiosity to lead us down new paths; it is the basis for exploring ideas and finding solutions. We are in the business of producing award-winning creative solutions and strategies. Here are a few projects to peruse.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) asked us to create ideas to promote their Employee Pass (ePass). The ads were to be displayed within DART buses, light rail, and stop locations. With limited exposure, we created a mix of colorful, trendy pop images with fun messages to capture the attention of DART commuters.



From brand creation, marketing/ad, campaigns, and lead generation, we combine digital and printed media to generate business for our clients. Our work has been recognized for creative and marketing excellence over one hundred times.


A campaign introducing a dynamic superhero, IONIX MAN, powered by New York Life. Our campaign delivered the sharp contrast of real-life human frailty to emphasize the need for disability insurance.

No one is Bulletproof, invincible, and should always expect and count on the unexpected. However, we have noticed that when we look back on our experience of working with attorneys, their profession affords social status. A career often experienced in an ivory tower tends to create a sense of being bulletproof.



IONX Man 03_Masked.png


Check out the promotional videos we created for one of our favorite clients, Ringo Town - Streetwear with Attitude. These vids and others were added to and promoted on Facebook and Instagram to promote the RT brand and drive online sales. Ringo Towns Mayor is stoked about the integrated brand we created for him and the dinero he’s making.


5150 Club – 5150 is the police code for crazy on the loose. Danger to property, danger to others, and risk to themselves. The brand image we created for this Late night Los Angeles hot spot reflects its namesake.



The City of Dallas – Water Utilities Continue raising public awareness of the need to conserve Dallas’s water resources. Upon embarking on a two-year assignment for Dallas Water Utilities, we were tasked with increasing Dallas-area public awareness of the need to conserve water. Promoting indoor- and outdoor-oriented household water conservation tips

Case Study

It doesn't matter how long your business has been in existence. Planning an intelligent marketing and brand strategy is essential to your success. Effective communications share a few of the same qualities. They are engaging, relevant, and well-timed.


Blowback Laser Training System provides law enforcement and gun enthusiasts with a safe, easy, affordable way to maintain and improve their shooting proficiency. This incredible product looks and feels like an authentic pistol, including having recoil when fired. The company's owner hired us to create their brand image.




Mercury One – Glenn Beck, American conservative political commentator, radio host, television producer and CEO, founder, and owner of Mercury Radio Arts, the parent company of his television and radio network TheBlaze, hired us to help lead creative fundraising efforts nonprofit organization for  Mercury One.



Project hired us to raise the bar and create a brand that would differentiate them from their competition. As a technology-driven company, Tallgrass helps turn the complex into simple, putting their clients' valuable data to work for them and assisting clients in making faster, more informed decisions. Tallgrass crunches big data into the optimal velocity and shape. Companies can create large and small decisions based on the outcomes of transforming idle data into a profitable asset.




Princeton Insurance asked us to create a direct mail campaign to help market their insurance product to a highly targeted audience. We created a nine-part campaign series, Faces of Business, that used a combination of bold headlines and impactful high-contrast black-and-white photography.


Direct Mail_Print-Ready_V3-2.png

Die Glocke – The Battle For Time is a historical science fiction, alternative history, and suspense-thriller film concept based on true-life events and popular conspiracy theories. Steve Utley, S-Squared Creative's head of creative and strategies, wrote the Die Glocke screenplay and created Die Glocke's brand, including its logo, trailer, and website.




GURU Tattoo – Often, we are hired to help make what might be considered a mundane product and service look and sound more exciting, motivating the audience to consider it a must-have. It takes talent and know-how to market a widget as tantalizing. Occasionally we are hired by a client that gives us a full creative license. Such is the case with GURU Tattoo. The owners asked us to create their ad campaign to promote their high-end San Diego-based shop. We titled the ad campaign Men of Distinction.



Think of a brand as a living and breathing entity. Its integrity, credibility, and reputation are all important. Its persona and how it projects itself to others determine its relevance. Its viability, perceived value, and eventual worth are achieved by continually delivering on what it promises.



From television to the Internet to magazines, there are plenty of places to market and advertise—but marketing mediums are not created equally. We choose the communication platforms that are most relevant to your audience and produce communications designed especially for the audiences and venues. We think about your prospects' actions when they see your image and plan messages tuned into their interests.



Your communications should make people stop what they're doing and pay attention. Most consumers view advertising and marketing as interruptions and automatically ignore the messages. Your connection needs to be engaging and capture their interest. Effective communications are both exciting and informative, resonating in the prospect's mind after he or she has moved on.



Most prospective customers base their purchases on emotional reasons. The most successful advertisements simultaneously appeal to a prospect's emotional and rational sides. We attract the prospect's attention with an emotional appeal creating a conscious connection, then following logical reasons why they need your product or service.



To increase brand awareness, we coordinate your marketing efforts, ensuring that each communication reflects your brand's value propositions. Prospects are more likely to recall your products/services when an integrated marketing plan is communicated across multiple platforms. Our goal is consistently delivering your messages, elevating the awareness of what you're selling, and improving the odds that your prospects will remember your products/services when they're ready to buy.



It's no wonder why most people tend to ignore marketing and advertising messages. Digital Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are bombarded with 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. Prospects typically need to be exposed to your messages about three times before they will become aware of what you're offering. Most prospects need 9-12 impressions before they decide to purchase. It's essential to communicate frequently and, in many cases, across multiple platforms.


The term "brand" has become fluid and varies depending on the company. A corporate brand plays an integral part in your organization's overall flow and success.​


As your advisor, we must intimately understand all that is your business. Understanding your culture, business model, products/ services, competitive landscape, selling environments and even your perceived disadvantages. Through this, we become a unified team, create common goals and work together to create success.

S2 works with individual entrepreneurs, start-ups to some of the world's largest companies. The diversity of clients we work with speaks to our ability as experienced marketers.

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“We find the professionalism and end-products

S-Squared delivers refreshingly exemplary in this space, the fountain of creativity & innovation nothing short of amazing.”

Pete Eliason


“Over the years, I have tried a number of agencies. S-Squared is by far the best I have worked with. My agency criteria are creativity, commitment, and delivering quantifiable results in the form of leads and sales. Their commitment and energy are unsurpassed.”

David Schreck

CEO, Intelemedia Communications

Apt logo.jpg

“We appreciate the fresh perspective S-Squared brings to the table. They know our space, understand our customers, and have the ability to generate ideas on how we might better relate to our audience.”  

Justin J. Hibbs

Vice president, business development & marketing

“I have worked with the individuals at S-Squared Creative for many years. Their ability to continually evolve with the ever-changing advertising marketplace including new technology, digital media channels, and social media, is critical and reassuring. Whether the project is big or small it is handled with the same creativity and professionaliTherefore, sm. I would not hesitate in recommending S-Squared Creative.“

Gary Bombalicki

Owner, Blowback Laser Trainer

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