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 Things Creative MMXXII explores aspects of projects produced by award-winning designer and brand strategist Steve Utley. 

Legendary advertising pioneer David Ogilvy's once said, "Average advertising is the most expensive advertising you can buy." And another said, "Nothing happens until something is sold."

What's the big deal about being unique?

What's the big deal about being unique? First and foremost, you get noticed, increasing your odds of success. A company that follows a crowd of competitors will usually not go further than its competition. So, to avoid looking like others, study your competition, know them well, then differentiate yourself by presenting your brand as unique and better.


Our creative strategies are designed to set you apart. Your brand and campaigns will have a unique style all to their own.

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The proof of our value is in the results we produce for our clients.

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There's an old saying used by West Texas Ranchers referring to spotting a snake near their hen house. If you encounter a snake, strike it first before it strikes you.

The phrase can also be applied to your brand when you recognize a competitor looking to take a bite from your hard-earned market share. What's next? You counter with a well-orchestrated campaign to ensure that you maintain your competitive advantage. Look to us to create campaigns to stop brand threats and reconfirm that you continue to be the market leader.

Being bold means being courageous in the face of challenges.

Bold versus tame: Some believe applying a bold approach to branding and design is risky; they set aside the bold, opting for the tamer.

We suggest that choosing the tame approach is the riskier of the two. The risk lies in the tame not being noticed. There are times when we can use expert advice; hence, we ask you to take action and talk to us about producing a bold and memorable approach that will make a difference for you.

Each assignment is unique in itself, planning, use of media, target audiences, products, services, and goals.

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Steve Utley and country music artist Austin Michael formed a collaborative partnership resulting in songwriting, music production, and designing communications to bolster Michael's public persona.

Austin Michael will release the studio production of "Get to Movin On" in 2022.

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Seeing something is often better for learning than describing it.

A single image has the power to convey complex thoughts, in many cases more effectively than a mere verbal description.

Furthermore, using the right image can stir emotion and motivate action. As expert communicators, we have proven this concept countless times.



Headquartered in San Clemente, California, ground-zero for surfer and skateboard cultures, the GreenMonkey brand captures the west coast vibe, presenting its online storefront as The Graphic Evolution of Streetwear.

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The opportunity to create a new brand from scratch is fantastic. Even better is being given full creative license to produce all aspects of design and brand identity, including name, logo, website, video, social media, apparel: seven-themed design series, and four limited-edition collections.

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Austin-based technology firm Flagship Solutions Group asked us to create a campaign called "We Run IT. You Use IT." In addition, we served up a brand perspective that helps Flagship build upon its success and take its business to the next level.

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It's never good to realize that you're behind the curve. If you are ahead of the curve, you've busted ass to get there. If you're looking to bend the curve, your goal is to change your game completely. Of the three, we opt to bend the curve. 

Bending the curve takes your brand and campaigns to the next level and beyond, and that's what we are in business to do. So, let's work together to change the landscape and improve the performance of your communications. 



Haynes and Boone needed a vehicle to promote their Dallas roots and commitment to Texas businesses. With Dallas being considered one of the nation's top business markets, Haynes and Boone, recognized large Northeastern and Midwest law firms, began opening offices in Dallas with aspirations to prospect and compete for the many opportunities.

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The Inherently Dallas campaign was designed to create top-of-mind awareness and reinforce their presence as the preeminent law firm in Dallas by leveraging who they are today and the history of the community they were founded.

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S-Squared Creative provides branding, communications, and creative solutions for clients. We understand the holistic relationships between solid planning, creativity, and the appropriate use of integrated marketing tactics to deliver award-winning and bottom-line results. 

S2 brings together top marketing minds to provide solutions to clients across the marketing spectrum. Our team includes exceptional senior talent; S2's Steve Utley leads all creative and strategic efforts. The combined experience of Steve's expertise and the individual team members he engages delivers results. 


We pride ourselves that you will receive the direct impact of our combined experience creating, building, and growing brands as a client. We do not push the work down to junior associates; you get our experience and expertise daily on your business with S-Squared Creative.


What sets us apart from the rest is "Creative-Articulation." Creative articulation engages both left and right brain thinking. It absorbs analytical data, fully understands it, and overlays an innovative direction that effectively communicates the right message to the right people. We believe that combining factual information, linear thinking, and abstract, creative thought relates to people on different levels. Delivering information that embodies these ideas often drives excellent communications that motivate an audience to take action.


The basis for any successful communication approach comes with understanding your existing and prospective customers and how you can positively affect their lives/businesses. It's equally important to define what your company stands for, its culture, and the lasting impression you want to leave with your customers. Most organizations have something in common - they need to get their word out more and refresh their brand messaging. So we do what we do best — make a sincere connection with their target audiences and motivate them to respond to our communications.

For additional questions, please contact:

Steve Utley at 214-334-1480,