Event Communications – Promoting events using media coverage, printed and digital advertising.
All about running for a cause. The exec’s at nonprofit RunDallas asked us to promote two of their run events. Our goal was to use targeted digital and printed advertising, public, and media relations as well as sponsorship relationships to build awareness of the events in the Metropolitan Dallas area and drive individuals to register online to participate.

Creating an understanding of how RunDallas has traditionally promoted its six annual events. Which mediums showed the best results and created a communications program that would outperform past efforts to generate awareness and registration for the Dallas Corporate 5K and their Fourth of July event, Five on the Fourth. S2 used a combination of targeted digital advertising, social media; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additionally, we used public and media relations to create awareness of the events.

Communication Approach

communications platform, played primarily across direct digital and select printed media: a recurring campaign theme applied to multiple impressions and delivered consistently over time. The campaign consisted of over One Million impressions. These impressions include a combination of social media postings, targeted digital and printed ads, public relations and media outreach.

  • News Releases for Dallas Corporate 5K and Five on the Fourth

  • Place on Newswire

  • Pitch event to local DFW media (running/sports, lifestyle, business, and influencers)

  • Pitch events to local DFW Broadcast (TV and Radio)

  • Pitch events to local print and online media

  • Work with potential media sponsors to promote events

  • Post-event photos and results to local media

  • Brainstorm potential publicity opportunities

    Graphic Look And Feel
    Next, we created a look and feel that would differentiate and distinguish the events from that of others. We leveraged run Dallas’ existing assets, by utilizing snapshots taken of past events and converting them into colorful and unique pieces of art. S2’s Head of Creative, Steve Utley took inspiration from a stylistic brand of art he first saw when he was a child, created by pop artist Leroy Neiman for the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976. Taking this approach, Steve chose to create artwork and integrated into RunDallas event communications. Below are examples of the images created.

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Think of your branding as part art and part science. The Science: strategies that have you in front of the right people at the right time. Art: Stellar creativity that captures audiences attention, intrigues and motivates them on an emotional level to take action. Just as Leonardo da Vinci aspired to create each of his works as a masterpiece, we’ve adopted his approach when establishing branded communications, combining the appropriate levels of thought-provoking creativity backed by robust strategies. The partnership of Steve Utley and Scott Farace delivers the optimal mix of both. Put us to the test, and we will put forth a masterful effort and do our best to create a new renaissance. Let’s talk.

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