Business-to-Business Branding and Lead Generation:Intelemedia client's Instantly receive critical data about each caller and their agents receive this data as the calls arrive. Their software routes the best calls to the best agents across separate call centers, providing personalized messaging and offers to each customer. Intelemedia then provides online analytics and reporting, all in real-time.


We revamped the company’s branded communications. We created their new website, customer testimonial videos, sales presentations and created INsight, the name, and logo used to represent their suite of technology products. Also, we created a targeted digital sales lead generation program. 

“Over the years I have tried a number of agencies. S-Squared is by far the best I have worked with. My agency criteria is creativity, commitment, and most of all, delivering quantifiable results in the form of leads and sales. Their commitment and energy is unsurpassed.”

David Schreck, CEO, Intelemedia Communications