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Business-to-Consumer Event Integrated Brand Creation:

We are excited to pre-announce that a new brand and business venture is currently in the works. S2’s partner and Head of Strategies will be leading a new business initiative for S-Squared Creative. Mach-X Sports will be a sports marketing educational forum. We plan to leverage Scott’s extensive background in sports marketing, create an event, sell tickets and fill a venue with attendees. Scott and guest speakers will discuss predetermined topics related to their career experiences, providing the attendees with the valuable and firsthand insight that experience can only deliver and cannot learn in classrooms. The below visuals provide you with an advance look at the brands look and feel created by S2’s Head of Creative, Steve Utley.


The brand look and feel I created that includes:

  • Organization name and logo – Mach-X Sport or MX-Sports (for short)

  • Event name and logo – Powering Up Knowledge

  • Tagline – We Are All Gladiators

  • eCommerce Website design

  • Promotional video

  • Branded – Animated graphics

  • Sports imagery – Supportive brand graphics