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S2 has worked with individual entrepreneurs, start-ups to some of the World’s largest companies. S2’s partners are senior-level professionals. Working in the communications industry for decades, they have served clients, as agency owners and as executive leaders for corporations.

Steve Utley

Principal, Head of Creative and Strategies


Tel: 214-334-1480

“A well thought-out creative approach in and of itself is a strategy. In communications, combining accurate information with solid a creative approach, often is the “X-factor” that drives successful results.”

After receiving his Degree in Commercial Arts and Advertising, Steve founded and served as executive creative director and president for twenty-one years of Quill Advertising, a Dallas-based integrated branding firm. More recently, highlighting his talent and skill in graphic design and communications, as principal and head of creative, forming S-Squared Creative. Also based in Dallas, this virtual, creative firm is the latest project in his career spanning nearly 30-years and covering all aspects of business-to-business and consumer-based branding. Throughout Steve’s career, He’s had the opportunity to work domestically and internationally marketing a broad mix of products and services within diverse industries, enabling him to employ a full range of strategies and tactics, using all forms of printed and digital media.


Steve began his career as a fine artist, and then expanded his talents into graphic design and then into broader-based forms of media, branding from start-ups to worldwide companies, leading branding efforts in the U.S. and International markets. Looking for more creative challenges, Steve began shooting photography professionally and started writing. Steve’s first novel, Anne Bonny was written and published late 2012. Steve’s second book Peak XV is its most recent attempt to take his creativity further.​

Professional/Personal Interests and Highlights:

  • ​Awarded and published over one hundred times for creativity and marketing excellence

  • Authored and published a historical fiction novel titled Anne Bonny, currently writing a second novel, Peak XV

  • Climbed Mount Everest, November - December 2012

  • Song Writing – Wrote lyrics to “Hear What I’m Sayin” and co-produced studio production with multi-Gammy Award nominee, Carlos “Six July” Broady.

  • Non-profit affiliation: The Jim Utley Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to drug abuse education, awareness and prevention targeting youth, grade school through high school.

Over his career, Steve has worked with such diverse clientele including:

  • American Airlines

  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

  • City of Dallas

  • Comcast


  • FedEx Office

  • Fujitsu Network Communications

  • IBM – International Business Machines

  • Paymentech

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Sabe

  • Texas Instruments

  • Verizon

About S2

S-Squared Creative is a Dallas-based branding and creative solutions firm, using its nearly 30-years of experience to create ideas to generate revenue for companies and individuals. S-Squared Creative understands the holistic relationships between solid planning, creativity and the appropriate use of media. Our work is award-winning and has delivered many results for our clients. First and foremost, we are seriously dedicated to our craft. We are a creative firm that provides full-service branding capabilities in all forms of digital and printed media.


The creative act is the defeat of habit by originality.

Creativity holds power to connect the seemingly unconnected. An expert communicator leverages intellectual creativity into a solid strategy.

Effective communications must accomplish some things to make a difference. It must be different, so people will remember, likable, so people connect emotionally and relevant, so people are driven to consume information. You must also have an understanding of the person that you are communicating with – what makes them tick and what makes them say “wow.”

What sets us apart from the rest is what we call “Creative-Articulation.” Creative-articulation engages both left and right brain thinking.  It is absorbing analytical audience data, fully understanding it and then overlaying a creative direction that effectively communicates the right message to the right people. We believe that it’s the combination of factual information, linear thinking along with abstract, creative thought that relates to people on different levels. Delivering information that embodies these ideas often drives great communications that motivate an audience to take action.

The basis for any successful communication approach comes with understanding your existing and prospective customers and how you can positively affect their lives. It’s equally important to define what your company stands for, its culture and the lasting impression you want to leave with your customers. Most of our clients have something in common - they need to get their word out. We do what we do best — make a sincere connection with their target audiences and motivate them to respond to our communications.

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